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Small Business Majority invites you to their webinar

CalSavers - Train the Trainer

About this webinar

Are you interested in learning more about the state's new CalSavers Retirement Savings Program?

Join Small Business Majority for this Train-the-Trainer webinar where we'll cover important information you should know about the CalSavers Retirement Savings Program when connecting with employers, business groups, and others. This webinar's intended audience includes technical assistance providers, consultants working with employers, community-based organizations (CBOs), outreach and education professionals, small business educators to name a few!

Topics Include:

  • Overview of the CalSavers Program
  • CalSavers features
  • Profile of Eligible populations
  • Projected Participation & Assets
  • CalSavers Rollout timeline - first deadline June 30th, 2020!
  • Outreach and stakeholder engagement tactics
  • How the program will work and employer responsibilities
  • How to stay informed as CalSavers is implemented¬†

About CalSavers 

This program will be a portable workplace retirement savings account for private-sector workers whose employers are unable to offer a retirement program. The program will be operated by a private third party administrator overseen by the state and the accounts will be funded entirely by modest employee contributions. This means small businesses will be able to help their employees access a retirement savings program at no added cost to their business. Please visit their website calsavers.com

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