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How to Empower Your Employees | Ryan Foland

About this webinar

As an executive of your company, chances are you can clearly articulate what you do. But does that hold true for your middle managers and your front line employees? Chances are that they can’t. And that is a problem. Your employees’ ability to clearly explain what they do, what the company does, and why it matters, is the first crucial step in your ability to grow an employee advocacy program.

The second step is to allow your employees to be more human more often. Ryan will share with you how to get comfortable with being the real you by moving past imperfections and fears to embrace vulnerability. Let's take a deep dive into employee communication and how you can empower your employees to speak for your brand and share your vision, all while supporting them to bring their whole selves to work.

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    Ryan Foland Keynote Speaker | Author | Personal Branding Expert

    Ryan Foland is a recognized personal branding expert who coaches leaders worldwide on the art of simplifying spoken and being more human for greater impact. His book Ditch The Act: Reveal the Surprising Power of the Real You for Greater Success, will be published in October 2019.


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