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SMART Recovery Australia invites you to its webinar

Trauma Informed Practice | In conversation with Dr Cathy Kezelman AM

About this webinar

SMART Recovery Australia National Program Manager - Dr Angela Argent

President of Blue Knot Foundation National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma - Dr Cathy Kezelman AM

By being ‘trauma-informed,’ you can help support healing and recovery for trauma survivors attending your SMART meeting. The very act of seeking help and attending a group can be challenging for someone who has experienced trauma. Understanding and implementing a 'trauma-informed' model at your SMART meeting is critical to minimising the risks of re-traumatisation and assisting recovery. To support you to be more trauma-informed, this webinar will help you to:

1) Understand the impacts of stress/trauma on the brain and body

2) Recognise that trauma can take different forms and present in different ways. Trauma survivors can be either hyper/hypo-aroused at different times

3) Enable you to work with participants with trauma histories to help them feel safe, stay within their ‘window of tolerance’ and reduce the risk of them becoming overwhelmed

4) Recognise that apparently challenging participant reactions and behaviours make sense in the context of trauma, and are often biological responses and coping strategies.

Being trauma-Informed is about the way in which we interact with the participants in our groups. It is not just about what we do or say.

By providing your participants with an emotionally safe and positive experience at every SMART meeting, you can support people to identify and build on their strengths and resources to develop  new and less challenging coping strategies. 

Each of our SMART webinars is intended to support the great work of our dedicated team of SMART Recovery Facilitators throughout Australia. Our webinars are live and interactive. While you've very welcome to simply tune in and listen, we'd love to hear your questions and comments. Please use the text chat function to engage with us.

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    Angela Argent

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    Cathy Kezelman President @ Blue Knot Foundation