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What is a knowledge base and how to create a great one? πŸš€

About this event

🧐 How to transform your knowledge base to empower your customers to autonomously resolve their problems with self-service while delivering a better customer experience.

What you will learn:

  • What exactly is a knowledge base and what are the advantages of having oneΒ 
  • How to create a powerful long-lasting knowledge base that your customers will actually useΒ 
  • Why restructuring your existing knowledge base is the key to benefit from a performing knowledge base
  • The key indicators to track and optimise your knowledge baseΒ 
  • How to manage and grow your knowledge base over timeΒ 
  • Why building a knowledge base project is ROI-driven

πŸ—“ Save the Date: Wednesday 3rd March at 11 am GMT

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This webinar will be presented by Sam Bowden, Self-Service Advisor @ Smart Tribune & Jade Winter, Knowledge Base Expert @ Smart Tribune

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Sam Bowden Self-service expert: E-commerce @ Smart Tribune

  • Team member
    Jade Winter Account Manager @ Smart Tribune

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