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How to Build a Knowledge Base - Everything You Need to Know

About this event

A well-constructed knowledge base is the cornerstone to any good customer service strategy/

In our latest webinar series, we will be going over step by step how you can easily create a knowledge base yourself or optimise the one you already have.

➞ For your customers

  • Customers want to solve problems on their own so give them the information they need to do so
  • Self-service support anytime and anywhere
  • Information is well organised and easily accessible along the customer journey

➞ For your support team

  • Quicker response time
  • Reduced workload
  • Consistent answers and tone of voice

Find out more by joining our self-service and knowledge base experts, Sam and Jade on Tuesday, July 20th at 12 CET.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Not available? Sign up anyways and we will send you the replay and slide deck.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Sam Bowden Self-service expert: E-commerce @ Smart Tribune

  • Team member
    Jade Winter Account Manager @ Smart Tribune

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