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Becoming an Adviser Brand - How to Convert More Customers Through Interactive, Real-time Advice

About this event

Today, brand consideration can be won or lost at any point throughout the buyer journey. We are witnessing a fundamental change in how people connect, share, shop, and make purchase decisions.

Buyers expect you, as their potential brand of choice, to offer useful and quick information that guides them on their unique path. The bar has never been higher for customer-centric brands to deliver timely, relevant, intelligent, interactive, and personal advice in real-time.

In this webinar, Altimeter Principal Analyst and Futurist, Brian Solis, and SMARTASSISTANT CEO, Markus Linder, will explore why 2018 is the year in which digital business pros have to become “adviser brands” to increase revenues and gain an edge over their more pragmatic “wait and see” competitors.

Key takeaways:

  • How the rise of empowered and connected consumers is reshaping the buyer journey and brand relationships
  • What responsive brands have to do to deliver convenient and frictionless “advice experiences” that drive consideration, increase conversions, and increase loyalty from the first interaction
  • How you can leverage intelligent technologies, such as Digital Advice, online, on mobile devices, via chatbots and voice assistants to align with the needs and expectations of your customers


Brian Solis

Principal Analyst at Altimeter, Best-selling author, and Futurist


Markus Linder

Chief executive officer and co-founder, SMARTASSISTANT