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Connected mobility: Collecting an alternative road tax

About this event

The rapid adoption of EVs on the road presents a challenge for today’s road infrastructure. If states collect road taxes through mediums like gasoline tax, the tax will not be sufficient to maintain our roads.

Join us on December 9th (11 am PST) to hear leaders from Smartcar and Emovis unpack the power of road usage charge (RUC) as a new way to tax electric vehicles on the road.

Our team of experts, Mike Singh (VP of Sales at Smartcar), Sahas Katta (CEO at Smartcar), and Charlie Mitchell (Senior Program Manager at Emovis), will cover all things road tax and infrastructure, including:

  • The future of road tax
  • Effects of how we tax drivers today
  • How to launch a fair and sustainable RUC program
  • Solutions to increase RUC onboarding success

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Hosted by

  • Team member
    Sahas Katta CEO @ Smartcar

  • Guest speaker
    Charlie Mitchell Senior Program Manager for ITS Applications at Emovis @ Emovis

    Senior Program Manager for the US toll systems and services division of Abertis, developing strategy, business, and systems with turn-key hardware and software solutions.


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