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Empowering Utilities: Ensuring Privacy and Security in EV Telematics Programs with Bidgely & Smartcar

About this event

Energy intelligence platform, Bidgely, uses AI to turn smart meter data into actionable utility strategies for better customer engagement and optimal grid outcomes. With Smartcar’s EV API, Bidgely is taking its energy disaggregation technology one step further — by unlocking active load control for households with electric vehicles.

Join us for a fireside chat between Smartcar CEO, Sahas Katta, and Bidgely GM of Electric Vehicles & Analytics, Maria Kretzing, for an in-depth exploration of our collaborative efforts in reshaping the landscape of energy intelligence. 

Gain valuable insights into: 

  • The synergy between Smartcar and Bidgely
  • How we are paving the way for enhanced customer engagement and optimized grid outcomes
  • Q&A regarding security, data accessibility, and long-term stability of our partnership

Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the future of energy innovation and data ownership!

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  • Guest speaker
    Maria Kretzing GM of Electric Vehicles & Analytics @ Bidgely

  • Team member
    Sahas Katta CEO @ Smartcar

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    WR T
    Winona Rajamohan


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