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How EV businesses optimize smart charging to increase revenue & grid support

About this event

Electric vehicles (EVs) can be powerful resources for supporting the electric grid with the right programs and technology in place. Smart charging technology enables EVs to optimize charging to off-peak times when renewable energy is abundant, and energy costs are at their lowest. EV owners can participate in demand response and other grid services programs that offer compensation in exchange for lowering energy consumption when the grid is strained.

EV businesses can unlock new revenue streams through these grid services opportunities. However, it can be challenging to smoothly integrate managed charging with vehicles, access the EV data needed to optimize charging, and navigate the complexities of different grid services programs in different geographies.

How can you maximize economic and sustainability value from managed charging programs?

In this webinar, the CEOs of Optiwatt, Smartcar, and Leap discuss:

⚡ How smart EV charging management contributes to a cleaner, more resilient grid

⚡ Roadmaps to effectively implement EV grid services capabilities

⚡ Software solutions that make it easy to manage smart charging programs

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Sahas Katta CEO @ Smartcar

  • Guest speaker
    Casey Donahue Founder @ Optiwatt

  • Guest speaker
    Thomas Folker CEO @ Leap Energy


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