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Navigating the EV transition: Ensuring a cleaner and more efficient grid

About this event

As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to accelerate, the need for innovative and sustainable charging solutions is becoming increasingly urgent. In this upcoming webinar, we will explore how vehicle telematics revolutionizes EV charging for vehicle owners.

Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies, EV owners can now experience the benefits of smart charging – a program that not only lowers energy bills but also makes the grid more flexible and resilient.

You will hear from industry thought leaders about how this technology is shaping the future of EV charging and how it can lead to a more sustainable and efficient energy system. 

Our expert speakers from Smartcar and AmpX will dive into the intricacies of smart charging and how it can help EV owners schedule charging during off-peak hours to take advantage of:

  • Lower energy rates
  • Monitor and adjust charging in real-time to avoid peak usage
  • Reduce energy bills by up to 30%

You will also discover how smart charging can help the grid by:

  • Balancing energy supply and demand
  • Reducing strain on the grid during peak hours
  • Improving the integration of renewable energy sources

Register now and be at the forefront of the conversation on sustainable EV charging solutions.

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    Travis Joseph Product Manager @ Smartcar

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    Amber Livingston Event Marketing @ Smartcar

  • Guest speaker
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    Irene Di Martino CEO @ AmpX


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