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Smith.ai invites you to its webinar

How to Convert More Leads & Serve Clients Better with Knowledge Bases & Virtual Receptionists

About this webinar

Is your small business’ lead conversion process in need of an overhaul? Could your clients be happier? Ask yourself:

  • Do you have difficulty converting online leads and referrals into clients?
  • Do you find yourself giving the same answers over and over to leads and clients?
  • Do you wish new clients were better informed about your services and how your business works?

A lack of responsiveness and access to FAQs is a common frustration of small-business leads and clients, and can significantly hamper business growth and client happiness. Similarly, solopreneurs and small-business owners experience frustration with their limited time, which prevents them from responding promptly to leads and clients.

In this webinar, Matt and Maddy will identify essential processes, services, and tools that SMB owners can implement to ensure potential and existing clients get the information they need quickly, accurately, and consistently.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to identify whether you need a knowledge base
  • How to find the right questions to answer in your FAQs
  • How to best incorporate FAQs, including how to address content, placement, and format.
  • How directing web visitors to FAQs can better qualify leads
  • Best practices to build a knowledge base that addresses clients’ common questions
  • Best practices for capturing, qualifying and converting website leads, before and after they access your FAQ
  • Best practices for referring and monetizing bad leads
  • How to automate and outsource lead-capture and client-intake processes using technology and services

After this webinar, you will be better equipped to:

  • Convert more leads & increase marketing ROI
  • Better filter out bad leads
  • Increase responsiveness to leads & clients
  • Reduce repetitive inbound queries
  • Improve client satisfaction & experience
  • Reduce routine tasks and unnecessary distractions
  • Automate regular workflows

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Maddy Martin Head of Growth & Education @ Smith.ai

    Maddy is the head of growth and education for Smith.ai, which provides law firm communication services, including virtual receptionist & intake service, web chat, and Keypad cloud phone system. She has expertise in marketing, small business communications, lead conversion, & SEO.

  • Guest speaker
    Matt Bradford-Aunger Education Lead @ HelpDocs

    Matt Bradford-Aunger is the education lead at HelpDocs.io, software that helps businesses create knowledge bases to guide users when they're stuck & reduce load for support teams. He’s spent years in marketing & support, and now focuses on helping HelpDocs users get the most from their software.


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