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Social Procurement demand: The impact of Covid-19

About this webinar

Social Traders works with over 70 business and government members to support their social procurement journey. Many things have changed over the past month, and these large organisations are no exception.

Join this webinar to gain some insights into the impact of Covid 19 on social procurement demand in the Social Traders marketplace.


Rebecca Green rebecca.green@socialtraders.com.au
www.socialtraders.com.au 03 8319 8444

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    Sam Edmonds Principal, Buyer Services @ Social Traders

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    Rebecca Green Engagement Manager - Business & Government @ Social Traders

    Rebecca is an experienced consultant in stakeholder engagement, social impact and social enterprise. She’s worked domestically & globally in local, social and First Nations employment and procurement, driving big and small business to contribute positively to the communities in which they operate.

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