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Preparing for an ERP Implementation - Best Practices and Lessons Learned

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Picking the right ERP solution for your business is daunting enough but the real challenge comes after you sign the dotted line. ERP implementations have gotten a bad rap over the years (sometimes deserving), but you can and will have a successful ERP implementation when you embrace some proven best practices and know the common mistakes to avoid.

Join Zach Feige, Rootstock’s VP of Professional Services, and Kelly Hamilton, Blentech’s Senior Manager - Marketing & Special Projects on February 24 at 1 PM ET for some candid and real-time feedback on how Blentech's current Rootstock Cloud ERP implementation experience is going so far. You will also learn:

  • 4 keys to a successful ERP implementation
  • What to prepare for pre-implementation
  • Questions to ask potential ERP vendors about their implementation process

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Live Q & A:

You'll be able to ask your own ERP implementation questions during the event.

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  • Guest speaker
    Kelly Hamilton Senior Manager – Marketing and Special Projects @ Blentech Corp

    Kelly's ability to work with diverse teams to effectively collaborate on big projects, combined with her detailed project management skills, earned her the responsibility as Blentech’s Project Manager of an entirely remote implementation of Rootstock ERP during the pandemic of 2020.

  • Team member
    Tyler Smith Senior Software Advisor @ EHR in Practice

    Tyler leads the software advisory team at ERP Focus. He and his team work with organizations of all sizes, providing software selection advice and supporting the requirements gathering process.

  • Guest speaker
    Zach Feige VP of Professional Services @ Rootsock

    Zach has over 20 years of experience transforming manufacturing businesses and delivering customer success in several different industries.

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