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Current± Briefings: Digitalisation - the key to unlocking a whole-system net zero transition

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Digitisation of the energy system is one of the key technology  shifts needed to ensure that the net zero transition is managed as efficiently, securely, and affordably as possible, starting with the electric grid.

With the government’s strategy having focused primarily on the supply-side of the equation, many within the industry believe that  insufficient consideration has been given to the significant role that demand side can play in the energy transition. So how can it force itself into the discussion?

Smart meters, smart grids, and the operational and financial benefits of flexibility have been highlighted in several government publications, without being accompanied by significant, deliverable strategies.

Those parts of the system over which we have the least visibility - the distribution networks and consumer behaviour - hold the answer to how we can deliver a whole-system strategy for managing the net zero transition efficiently, securely and affordably.

In the latest in our Current± Briefings series, we speak to Irene Di Martino, CEO at Amp X, about how digitisation can unlock a whole-system net zero transition.

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    Irene Di Martino CEO @ AMP X

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