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Current± Briefings: The future of Dynamic Containment

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How long can Dynamic Containment remain an economic hard hitter? Currently the service is undersubscribed, which has allowed it to be one of the most profitable revenue streams for battery owners and aggregators since it was launched in October 2020, with prices of £17/MW/hr.

While uptake was slow initially due to the challenging technical requirements of the service, as more players join, how long will it be till capacity is full and the prices begin to drop?

In the new Current± Briefings webinar, we discuss;

  • How long till Dynamic Containment is at capacity?
  • What will the economic impact of that be? And how can companies continue to get the maximum amount out of DC?
  • How will procuring DC at a more granular level, by EFA blocks, on a pay-as-clear auction platform work? What will it’s impact be?
  • Will the follow up dynamic services NGESO is set to bring in have as great an impact?

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