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De-risk and protect your battery storage asset from the very start with Digital Commissioning and In-Life Analytics

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Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are gaining popularity as a way to store excess energy from renewable sources and improve the efficiency of the electric grid. However, BESS deployment and operations can be risky. This webinar offers valuable insights and strategies on how to mitigate and manage those risks.

In this webinar, we will learn about Digital Commissioning, a proactive approach to identifying and fixing problems before BESS deployment.

On average, battery energy storage systems are only available 82% of the time, and nearly 60% of failures occur within the first two years of their lifetime. By implementing Digital Commissioning, asset owners can detect and resolve issues in the commissioning phase, avoiding unnecessary and costly downtime during operation.

This webinar will provide insights into how Digital Commissioning can help asset owners ensure maximum availability of their BESS during the critical initial years of operation, laying the groundwork for a successful, reliable and profitable business.

In addition, the webinar emphasises the benefits of in-life analytics, which enable continuous monitoring and optimisation of BESS performance throughout an asset’s entire lifetime.

By leveraging data and analytics, asset owners can gain valuable insights into BESS performance, detect potential issues, and take proactive measures to ensure safe and reliable operations. This approach helps asset owners to de-risk their BESS business in the long term, safeguarding their investment and reputation.

This webinar is tailored for asset owners, operators, and individuals interested in BESS deployment and operations. With expert speakers and real-world case studies, the webinar offers practical knowledge and strategies to de-risk the deployment and operations of BESS.

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    Ryan Franks Senior Technical Solution Engineer @ TWAICE

    Senior Technical Solution Engineer at TWAICE, bridging sales, product, and technology for optimal customer solutions. Background in battery testing, certification, and standards. Senior IEEE Member, and patent inventor.

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    Sebastian Becker Director Partnerships & Industry Strategy – Energy @ TWAICE

    Director of Partnerships & Industry Strategy for the Energy sector at TWAICE. In his role, he is driving the go-to-market for and thereby enabling integrators, developers and owners of battery energy storage systems to get the most of their battery assets.

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