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Understanding and benefiting from the rapid shift to larger PV panel sizes for utility-scale projects

About this event

The PV industry is undergoing rapid technological development at wafer, cell and module level that is driving an unprecedented wave of new solar panel products onto the market.

With the shift to a number of large-area p-type monocrystalline wafer sizes, as the once standard p-type poly and mono 156mm square wafers enter the history books, now single wafer size (158.75mm, 166mm, 180mm, 210mm) is expected to become the de facto standard in the next decade.

The domination of large-area wafers brings a multitude of larger PV panel dimensions, weights and electrical characteristics. Gone is the accepted 156mm 60-cell standard panel, replaced by its 72-cell utility-scale cousin, which could itself be crowded-out by new 78-cell and larger formats in a matter of just a few years!

The rapid shift is being driven by the need to continue to reduce the LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity), supported by solar panels enabling in quick succession 400Wp, 500Wp and soon 600Wp performance.


How can large scale project stakeholders map out the differences in these modules and evaluate the cost and benefits of a certain module type?

This webinar will examine the main ranges of utility panels available from 400Wp to above 500Wp and decode the specifics of the major technologies, whilst analyzing the benefits from a system usage point of view.

JA Solar, as a world leading integrated supplier (wafer, cell and module), has a wide range of panels available across technologies and formats and is well placed to help large-scale stakeholders navigate a rapidly changing PV panel landscape.

The webinar will also introduce the JA Solar Deep Blue series of modules up to and beyond 530Wp.


Webinar Learning Points:

  • Increase your understanding of the latest trends in PV panel technology, performance and size
  • Enable greater precision in panel selection
  • Pinpoint best LCOE metrics for a wide range of project scenarios
  • Introduce the JA Solar DEEPBLUE 3.0 Range of module
  • Obtain first-hand insight into JA Solar's latest 'DeepBlue' 3.0 panel series

Speaker information:

Michele Citro, Senior Product Manager EU, will explain the major ranges of panel types available in the coming 12 months, focusing on the key characteristics of the larger format utility-scale panels from the viewpoint of their production and best use in projects. This includes analysis of the pros and cons from the supply and demand side of each panel type.

Ignacio Espinosa, Senior Technical Manager EU, will expand on the key considerations of utilizing such larger panels, using LCOE analysis and in-depth technical case studies. Attention will also be given to key considerations such as wind load and tracker design for large-area panels.

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  • Guest speaker
    Ignacio Espinosa Senior Technical Manager Pre-Sales & Marketing @ JA Solar

    Ignacio Espinosa is graduated in Industrial Engineering, he has been working in PV Industry since 2011, playing different roles along his career at modules manufacturer companies in its EPC department, dedicated to Development and Construction of PV Projects.

  • Guest speaker
    Michele Citro Senior Product Manager EU @ JA Solar

    Michele Citro has been working in the PV sector since 2007 covering technical roles at tier-1 module manufacturers and for a global supplier of solar cells’ process technology and equipment.

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