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Drive your utility solar success with Trina Solar’s Upgraded Vertex N 700W+ modules

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In recent years, reducing LCOE through enhancing module efficiency and power output has become universal in the PV industry. Major solar PV manufacturers are shifting to larger-sized, high-power solar panels. Based on the application of n-type high-efficiency cell technology (TOPCon, HJT, etc) and 210mm large-format wafer technology, the power output of PV modules has been greatly upgraded from 600W+ to 700W+. The deployment of 700W+ modules in utility-scale scenarios will be an emerging trend over the next few years.

As a leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider, Trina Solar pioneered the mass production of TOPCon modules with power exceeding 700W. The upgraded Vertex N 700W+ module, with high power, efficiency, reliability, energy yield, low LCOE and high compatibility with Vanguard 1P G2 trackers can further reduce BOS, making it an ideal choice for commercial and utility-scale PV projects.

In this webinar, an analyst from TrendForce will share the latest trends in advanced PV technology and insights into the key supply and demand patterns in the global PV industry. Then, a product expert from Trina Solar will give a comprehensive introduction to Vertex N 700W modules, from the aspects of its industrialisation, technology upgrade, design, reliability and value assessment case studies. In the third part, TrinaTracker’s product manager will examine the pain points of matching larger-sized modules with trackers and demonstrate why the match of Vertex N 700W+ modules and Vanguard 1P G2 trackers can succeed in utility application scenarios.

Why attend this webinar?

  • Gain insights into the latest technology development and global demand and supply patterns in the PV industry, and understand why 700W+ is becoming the new trend in the n-type era
  • Look into the advantages of Trina Solar’s latest Vertex N 700W+ modules and its system value assessment in case studies.
  • Understanding the Vertex N 700+ module’s high compatibility with trackers and how it can help reduce cost and maximise value in utility solar applications


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  • Guest speaker
    Leo Tang Product Manager @ Trinasolar

    Leo Tang, Module Product Manager at Trina Solar, specializes in regional product management and promotion, focusing on delivering innovative and reliable solar module solutions to meet diverse market needs, thereby fostering sustainable energy advancements.

  • Team member
    Ben Willis Editor in chief @ Solar Media

    Leads Solar Media's editorial team, covering PV technology, international and domestic solar markets, and the burgeoning energy storage industry.

  • Guest speaker
    Timmy Chan Analyst for EnergyTrend @ TrendForce

    Timmy Chan, a Cardiff University graduate with a master’s degree in Industrial Economics, is currently immersed in researching the PV industry. His expertise spans the main materials, auxiliary materials, and manufacturing equipment within the PV industry chain. Timmy has actively contributed to prominent renewable energy forums, sharing his insights on multiple occasions.

  • Guest speaker
    Qi Guo Product Manager @ TrinaTracker

    Qi Guo, Product Manager from TrinaTracker, specializes in PV tracker, smart tracking algorithm and tracker side monitoring platform.

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