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Global battery costs: Tracking a disruptive industry with the Curation Battery Cost Curve Model

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The global battery market is one of the fastest growing, and most exciting, sectors in the energy transition, affecting consumer trends towards electric vehicles and the integration of renewable generation using stationary storage. Prices have consistently fallen as deployment rises, but the market faces a lack of transparency over drivers and where costs are headed.

This lack of insight on cost contributors can delay spending decisions and market activity as battery customers hold on for lower prices.

The resulting uncertainty has decision-makers guessing whether they are buying at the right price, targeting sufficient cost reductions, and if they are set up for success across the battery value chain.

This webinar will discuss the current state of the industry, and the challenges players are facing in the short and long term. It will touch on efforts towards sustainable production of batteries, as well as the interplay between globalisation and localisation and the technological roadmap the industry is following to boost performance and reduce costs.

Curation, which monitors the rapidly evolving world of battery technology, capacities, and costs with its curated battery briefing, will introduce its Battery Cost Curve Model, developed with analytical support from McKinsey & Company.

A description of how the model tracks ongoing trends across the supply chain, from raw materials to manufacturing, will be provided along with an explanation of the tangible, actionable insights on current and predicted costs of batteries can be gleaned from it.

A panel discussion moderated by Energy Storage News Editor Andrew Colthorpe will see Curation’s Head of Energy Content joined by experts from McKinsey to discuss the market in greater detail, and there will be an opportunity to discuss the model and state of the battery market in a Q&A with webinar attendees.


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  • Guest speaker
    Nicolo Campagnol Battery and chemistry expert @ McKinsey & Company

    Nicolo serves customers across the value chain, from mining to active materials, from cell players to OEMs, from recyclers to financial institutes interested in investing in the market. He is responsible for the battery demand forecasts of the firm, and supports 50+ clients globally.

  • Guest speaker
    Jakob Fleischmann Associate partner @ McKinsey & Company

    Jakob has extensive experience in the EV and EV battery industry. He serves OEMs and a variety of clients in the global battery value chain from pack production through cell manufacturing to battery materials mining and along the hydrogen and fuel cell value chain.

  • Team member
    Andy Colthorpe Editor @ Solar Media /

    Editor and lead journalist for, covering the global industry for a business audience.

  • Guest speaker
    Markus Wilthaner Partner @ McKinsey & Company

    Markus is specialized in battery, hydrogen and fuel cells and helps clients to shape and create value from the unprecedented shifts in the energy and mobility transition. He co-leads the hydrogen and battery teams at the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility.

  • Guest speaker
    David Pratt Head of energy content @ Curation

    David has been Head of Energy Content since early 2019, managing a team drawn from journalistic and academic backgrounds to deliver insight to Curation’s energy clients.

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