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Global PV Module Supply: Materials Sourcing, Traceability & Company Rankings

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For various reasons, traceability and transparency of the supply chain is becoming an increasingly important requirement from module buyers, on all continents. PV module supply globally has been changing rapidly in recent years, with a small handful of companies now dominating large-scale project deliveries. This is further emphasized when looking at module supply outside China. Many of the PV module suppliers today have manufacturing located inside China and also across Southeast Asia. However, modules are still routinely assembled by third-parties, or use wafers and cells bought externally.

Knowing which module suppliers are in control of in-house production is a key issue when looking at quality control and field reliability. During the webinar, creator of the PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings analysis - Finlay Colville - will report on the latest rankings analysis of global PV module suppliers, focusing on which companies are making their own wafers and cells, and which are dependent on third-party outsourcing.

Also, during this webinar, Frédéric Dross- Vice President, Strategic Development at STS - will explain how supply chain audits help, today, module buyers evaluate the ability of manufacturers to demonstrate traceability and transparency of their supply chains. STS, global leader in quality assurance of PV modules, co-authored the Solar Supply Chain Traceability Protocol 1.0, which was published in April 2021.

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  • Team member
    John Browne Sales Director, Market Research @ PV Tech

  • Guest speaker
    Frédéric Dross Vice President, Strategic Development @ STS

  • Guest speaker
    Finlay Colville Head of Research @ PV-Tech

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