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How ENACT’s platform enables greater solar and storage sales through leveraging software advantages

About this event

ENACT is partnering with RUBICON GROUP on this webinar to discuss how software platforms can scale up solar and storage project sales and execution.

Attendees will learn about how a top solar company is leveraging software to accelerate the sales cycle: starting with first customer contact all the way to final execution as well as improving customer engagement and satisfaction along the way.

Solar sales and installation company owners, managers and employees can gain valuable insights on how to organise for scale as global deployment reaches new heights.

Onsite solar and energy storage is already a US$10 billion annual industry in the US and European market, and more than US$100 billion per year globally. While such projects generate huge savings and sustainable electricity, it’s a complex and expensive transition for customers. Every solar and/or energy storage project requires a complex sales and design process, sourcing from multiple vendors, requiring local approval, difficult construction cycles and, finally, years of maintenance to recover the savings to pay off the initial investment.

Enact’s Software platform is transforming how solar and energy storage projects are designed, deployed and managed, with thousands of users in more than 20 countries, including the UAE, South Africa, India and the UK. Its platform enables sales teams to design, price and sell remotely, finalise contracts and track project execution. End-customers can also leverage Enact’s platform to manage their solar and energy storage transition and track financial outcomes.

Attendees will be presented with real world examples of how ENACT’s integrated platform enables rapid proposals using image-based remote design, pricing, financing and savings projections, leading to proposals and contracts.

Michael Georgiou, Chief Information Officer of Rubicon Group will be joining the discussion with Enact’s CEO, Deep Chakraborty, on this open-forum to share their learnings and answer questions from the audience.




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  • Guest speaker
    Deep Chakraboty CEO @ ENACT SYSTEMS INC

    Deep is CEO of ENACT SYSTEMS an award-winning cloud platform for the distributed solar industry. Earlier, Deep was CEO of Centrosolar’s North American photovoltaic systems business and two decades of experience leading strategy and operations.

  • Guest speaker
    Michael Georgiou Chief information officer @ RUBICON GROUP

    Chief Information Officer and Commercial Head for Residential Energy at Rubicon Group. My primary focus is developing strategies and executing these within the renewable energy sectors in which we operate through the development of digital channels to meet our changing customer needs. Rubicon Group’s ecosystem of financial systems, product, supply chains, logistics and distribution channels have been augmented through the development of our own integrated software to improve, optimize and grow the renewable energy sector in South Africa, SADC and recently the UK.

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