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How simplistic tracker design can deliver competition-busting cost benefits

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The solar tracker market continues to mature at breakneck speed, with designs and component selections becoming ever-more complex in the pursuit of better project economics. But a more simplistic design could deliver a triple benefit of lower Capex, EPC and Opex costs.

This webinar will set out the ideal single axis tracker design for utility-scale solar farms. The design leapfrogs from decades of experience, with a comprehensive understanding and attention to the three cost structures of Capex, EPC and Opex.

Sun and Steel Solar has prototyped a single axis tracker designed to deliver up to US$0.03/W in real savings compared to existing single axis trackers on the market. That’s US$30 million for every gigawatt deployed. Whereas the competition seeks to deliver an extra fraction of a fraction of a percent in annual PV output, Sun and Steel Solar seeks to deliver extra value via up time, simplicity, lowest total cost of ownership and full ground accessibility for construction, PV attachment, weed mowing and agriculture activity in the aisles between the heavy equipment pass-through rows.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. That’s what Sun and Steel Solar aimed for, achieved, and need help bringing to market.

Sun and Steel Solar’s inventor and managing member, Robert Dally has a wealth of knowledge from project engineering terrestrial single axis trackers, space satellite solar panels for satellites, and utility-scale fixed tilt systems.

In 2017 Robert Dally raised seed capital from 18 investors. Sun and Steel Solar built two prototype rows at California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo (“Cal Poly”), tested and proved the cost saving value adds, and reconfigured and proved the outstanding value of its patent-pending sloped 2P panel.

Robert Dally directed the Conergy single axis tracker in 2007, a simultaneous design and deploy for a 24MW solar farm on the south west coast of South Korea for Conergy Korea. The product rights were transferred over time from Conergy Korea to OSolar, to SunEdison and finally to FTC Solar (AP-90), who retired it several years ago after a total deployment of around 600MW. That tracker was often referred to as “the Robert Tracker” throughout that decade of trading hands and deployment.

Robert Dally raised the seed funding to bring about a final design that fully capitalises on simplicity. Sun and Steel Solar’s bearings are simple, steel-on-steel, yielding frictional dampening against wind galloping, transferring the electrical ground, coupling the torque tubes and performing as north-south thrust stops as well as east and west stops to dump wind torque into the posts.

Sun and Steel Solar is offering a Round A investment opportunity of $2.5 million for 25%. We are confident that we can grow the company in stages based on a superior, IP-protected technology. The design is beautiful, proven, based on nearly two decades of heritage and lessons learned, and will leapfrog the competition and be sought after for purchase and license.






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  • Guest speaker
    Robert Dally Managing Member @ Sun and Steel Solar, LLC

    Robert Dally is an engineer & MBA with 42 years in the solar PV industry, 13 years with space solar panels and now a clear focus to deliver the best terrestrial single axis tracker.

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    Liam Stoker Editor in chief @ Solar Media

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