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How string inverters are delivering LCOE benefits for large, modern solar farms

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As solar PV projects embrace large-format and bifacial PV modules, inverters are evolving to deliver benefits across all three main LCOE variables, namely Capex, Opex and yield. However, asset operators are also demanding more oversight of the health of their projects, in turn demanding even more from modern inverter technology.

This webinar will discuss how modern solar inverters have evolved to keep pace with PV module technology, providing real-life examples of how GoodWe has solved challenges for solar project developers and asset managers.

The company’s range of utility-scale inverters combine string inverter technology and intelligent I-V curve diagnosis software to deliver BOS savings, enhanced ROI and the ability to garner a full picture of a PV plant’s health within just a few minutes.

GoodWe’s multi-MPPT topology also makes a significant difference when using bifacial modules, drastically reducing mismatch losses, while its GW250HT range provides a major performance boost under high temperatures owing to its derating curve not applying until temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

What the attendees will learn:

  • The main technological differences between central and string inverters when calculating project LCOE.
  • What inverter technology can do to help maximize ROI under a high temperature scenario. How PV plant design should be approached.
  • The challenges bifacial modules present to PV inverters and how these can be overcome.
  • GoodWe’s solutions for high current PV modules.




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  • Guest speaker
    David Sanchez Sales Director EMEA – Utility & Large Scale @ GoodWe

    David has worked across PV Industry for more than 15 years and has an extensive international experience with PV projects. Expert in string and central inverter technology, he as a unique expertise as to how string technology can help to maximize the performance of utility scale solar farms, achieve lower LCOE and better ROI.

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