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Improve the safety, availability & performance of energy storage systems with battery analytics

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The deployment of battery energy storage system (BESS) technology is on a rapid growth trajectory, which is accelerating. As with any new energy technology, there are risks, necessitating stringent reliability standards and monitoring protocols. Regulatory bodies like NERC are developing standards to ensure the safe and reliable operation of inverter-based resources, including battery storage.

Cell imbalances within BESS present significant challenges, leading to efficiency losses, safety concerns, and revenue impacts. These imbalances result from variations in individual battery cells' quality and aging, affecting overall system performance. Imbalances can cause wasted energy, system stress, and increased downtime, posing operational and financial risks.

Battery analytics offers granular insights into BESS performance, enabling the identification and mitigation of cell imbalances. By providing detailed information on subsystem levels, analytics tools facilitate predictive maintenance and optimisation strategies. These insights help asset owners and operators maintain high availability, safety, and profitability of BESS.

Battery analytics also improve state of charge (SoC) accuracy, addressing limitations of traditional battery management systems (BMS). By offering precise SoC calculations, analytics tools enhance system reliability and performance, ensuring BESS meet their operational and regulatory requirements.

Why Attend This Webinar?

  • This webinar provides invaluable insights into the challenges, risks, and solutions associated with battery energy storage systems.
  • Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of proactive monitoring, maintenance, and the role of battery analytics in optimising BESS performance and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Additionally, attendees will learn about industry best practices and emerging trends in BESS management, enhancing their ability to effectively deploy and operate BESS infrastructure.


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