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Introducing Tiger PRO, the world’s first 580 Wp solar panel for utility scale projects

About this event

JinkoSolar presents its tiling ribbon TR technology for the new high-end Tiger Pro series on June 8th, pressing ahead with plans to shift to a 500+ Wp range. As the first 580Wp utility solar panel, boasting an efficiency of 21.6%, Tiger PRO has been described as the world’s most powerful commercialised panel.

The Tiger PRO module series showcases multiple solar power efficiency innovations across three flagship models. The series can generate a maximum power output of up to 580Wp, which is 40% higher than current mainstream products installed in utility projects. All these high energy density modules use innovative multi-wire 9BB and TR tiling ribbon technology to reach significantly improved performance levels, with a conversion efficiency of up to 21.6%. In addition to their unparalleled power generation performance and outstanding output temperature coefficient, other advantages of the Tiger PRO series include lower power attenuation rate (at 2% for the first year) and better open-circuit voltage. By greatly reducing LCOE when compared to traditional modules, the high-efficiency Tiger PRO paves the way for investors to generate higher power output.

The new Tiger PRO series panels break fresh ground for the industry: this is the first 580Wp utility solar panel to be commercialized, continuing the combination of tiling ribbon, MBB and half-cut cell technologies adopted in the previous Tiger generation. This series includes a standard 72 cell and upgraded 78 cell design, with peak efficiency of up to 21.6% allied to lasting performance. All the modules in the Tiger PRO series are available in both mono facial and bifacial options. 

The Tiger PRO series builds on the success of Tiger’s TR tiling ribbon technology. Key highlights of the series include:

  1. The launch of three new modules, 72 TR, 72 HC and 78 TR
  2. The most powerful utility module ever with peak performance of up to 580W
  3.  The most efficient p-type mono module with an average efficiency of 21.4%
  4. The combination of TR (tiling ribbon), MBB and half-cut cell technologies adopted in the previous Tiger generation
  5. The world’s first 535 Wp bifacial solar module to be available in either transparent backsheet or dual glass structure options
  6.  12-year product warranty, with 0.55% annual degradation over 25 years for mono facial and 0.45% annual degradation over 30 years for bifacial, resulting in a lifetime of significantly higher power yield
  7. Inverter and tracker compatibility

Webinar Learning Points: 

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Tiger PRO module series, with power generation of up to 580Wp
  • Learn about the premium technical features of the Tiger PRO series 
  • Understand the impact of ultra-high efficiency modules on the LCOE of utility scale projects, including calculation of the yield benefit for different environmental conditions and installation types

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  • Guest speaker
    Andrea Viaro Head of Technical Service Europe @ JinkoSolar EU

    Andrea Viaro is responsible for the technical activities at JinkoSolar Europe since 2014, and product developments’ launch in the EU market. He has been working in the PV sector for the last ten years in similar roles at other tier-1 module manufacturer and technical consultancy global firm.

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