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Increasing the usable energy of home battery storage: Anker’s modular design and innovative optimiser technology

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Modular design with innovative optimiser allows Anker’s home storage system to deliver 5% more usable energy

The electric grid can be vulnerable to outages during extreme weather events. Today, more and more households are turning to solar PV and batteries to protect themselves, lower their carbon footprint, and gain independence over their energy costs.

However, choosing the right battery storage solution can be challenging for homeowners and their installers. One choice to make is between integrated and parallel-connected battery systems.

With an integrated battery, users may be unable to match the capacity to their specific needs, leading to additional costs. In contrast, normal parallel-connected batteries often face compatibility issues, preventing them from achieving module-level optimisation, typically resulting in energy loss.

The Anker SOLIX X1 offers an alternative to integrated high-voltage batteries, which have a monopoly share of the home storage market today. Its 48V low-voltage parallel battery group design allows for the free expansion of capacity, ranging from 5kWh to 180kWh. Each battery pack operates and charges/discharges independently, avoiding the typical capacity degradation issues associated with varying states of charge (SOC) and states of health (SOH) and delivering up to 5% more usable capacity. If a battery pack in the system malfunctions, the system can independently shut down that pack, without affecting overall operation.

Whether your customer lives in an area with long, cold winters or under the hot desert sun, Anker SOLIX X1 is engineered to perform reliably. From -4°F to 131°F, the robust 6kW charging and discharging capability remains consistent. Unlike other batteries that slowly degrade in power output with extreme cold and hot, the customers’ quality of life will always remain the same.

Attendees to this webinar will learn:

  • How the X1 US AC Coupled Storage System can cover the needs of customers in the US from the perspectives of the three main market drivers: disaster preparedness, energy independence and electricity savings.
  • How the X1’s innovative modular design and parallel-connection systems architecture enables installers to best match each customer's needs to the correct system sizing.
  • Why the Anker optimiser offers a 5% increase in usable energy, helping avoid capacity degradation and making future upgrades simpler to apply.
  • How the product range is rugged enough to cope in states with frequent disasters or severe impacts, such as Texas.


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  • Guest speaker
    David Taylor Solutions Expert @ Anker Solix

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    Will Norman Reporter @ Solar Media

    Reporter for PV Tech covering the global solar PV market.

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