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PowerOcean Single-Phase: Ensuring Safety and Easy Installation for the UK Market

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In this webinar, we'll explore the advanced features and benefits of the PowerOcean Single-Phase home battery storage system. This session will cover the system's unique safety features, ease of installation, and innovative solutions enhancing home energy ecosystems.

We'll begin with an overview of the PowerOcean Single-Phase system's safety features, focusing on its state-of-the-art design for maximum protection against fire hazards. Highlights include fire safety features, surge protection mechanisms, and user-friendly safety interfaces.

Next, we'll examine the ease of installation, showcasing step-by-step procedures that emphasise the system's plug-and-play design. This significantly reduces installation time and complexity, streamlining workflow and enhancing efficiency for installers. The intuitive design also facilitates easy maintenance and troubleshooting.

We'll introduce the EcoFlow PowerOcean DC fit retrofit solution, which enables seamless integration with existing solar PV setups. This solution allows homeowners to upgrade their systems without extensive modifications, demonstrating the company's commitment to versatile and future-proof energy solutions.

Finally, we'll preview the upcoming holistic home energy ecosystem solutions that PowerOcean plans to launch, aiming to optimise energy consumption and enhance sustainability for modern homes.

Key learning points:

  • Compliance with PAS 63100:2024 critical criterial for extra safety and outdoor installation
  • Plug-and-play design for easy installation
  • EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit retrofit solution for existing solar PV setups
  • Upcoming holistic home energy ecosystem solutions
  • Advanced safety features of the EcoFlow PowerOcean Single-Phase, including fire safety and surge protection


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  • Guest speaker
    Craig Bilboe Head of UK & Ireland Business Development @ EcoFlow

    Head of UK & Ireland Business Development at EcoFlow, Craig is an accomplished National Sales Manager with a strong technical and commercial background, specialising in renewables and EV sectors.

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    Ben Willis Editor in chief @ Solar Media

    Leads Solar Media's editorial team, covering PV technology, international and domestic solar markets, and the burgeoning energy storage industry.

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