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SENperc PV - a thin film measurement tool from SENTECH providing superior quality control

About this webinar

This PV Tech TechTalk Product Series webinar, in partnership with SENTECH Instruments, will introduce you to the innovative SENperc PV tool. It is designed for quality control in PV cell manufacturing and adds support for leading-edge PERC, TOPcon, and HJT cell processing.

In respect to PERC cells (Al2O3/SiNx), layer stacks and single films for passivation are measured by SENperc PV and the stability of the deposition process is monitored over an extended period.

The robust design for high-volume production environments simplifies usage, optimizes maintenance intervals and adds advanced statistical process control, while enabling large-area wafers up to 220 x 220 mm2.

In this TechTalk Product Series webinar you will gain detailed insights including:

  • How quality control in multi- and c-Si based solar cell manufacturing can be optimized with SENperc PV
  • How thickness and refractive index measurement of AR coatings and passivation layers works with the help of SENperc PV, especially for Si3N4 front side passivation layers, Al2O3/SiNx back side passivation in the manufacturing of PERC cells and amorphous silicon layers on insulator
  • Learn more about the incorporated statistical process control and access to SQL database of SENperc PV






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  • Guest speaker
    Sven Peters Application engineer for spectroscopic ellipsometry and reflectometry @ SENTECH

    Sven has been an application engineer for spectroscopic ellipsometry and reflectometry at SENTECH for 20 years. He has a wealth of knowledge on PV products and applications. As the leading SENTECH PV specialist, he has delivered many customer training sessions and workshops on PV thin film metrology

  • Guest speaker
    Friedrich P. Witek Senior Manager @ SENTECH

    Job description: As prospective CEO of SENTECH Friedrich is in charge of driving and executing the direction of SENTECH strategy and business development.

  • Team member
    Mark Osborne Senior News Editor @ PV Tech

    Mark Osborne has three decades of experience in covering both the semiconductor and photovoltaics manufacturing industries. In his current roles as senior news editor for PV Tech and sister technical journal, Photovoltaics International.

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