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Top-Performing PV Modules: 2020 PV Module Reliability Scorecard

About this event

Note: Two webinars will be held to accommodate international time zones. Use the dropdown menu above to select a time.

PV module technology is advancing at incredible rates. Solar developers, asset owners and investors are taking advantage of modules that are more affordable and efficient. But there are risks to rapid technical evolution. From LeTID to microcracks, PV module failures translate to financial losses for downstream solar companies – and warranties typically do not fully cover these losses.

The PV Module Reliability Scorecard, now in its 6th edition, ranks commercially available PV modules by their performance in PV Evolution Labs’ Product Qualification Program (PQP), a comprehensive, rigorous test regime that assesses reliability and performance of PV modules. The 2020 rankings will be released on live webinars.

Tristan Erion-Lorico, head of PV module business at PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), will share this year’s top-performing PV modules and discuss key findings from PVEL’s PQP testing, with a special focus on the performance of bifacial PV modules. He will be joined by Dr. Dana Olson, global solar segment leader at DNV GL.

Dr. Olson will offer an analysis of trends in PV module quality and discuss how PVEL’s test data is used by DNV GL as part of a module useful life analysis.

Mark Osborne of PV Tech will also join the webinar to cover his top highlights from the 2020 Scorecard as compared to the previous editions.

Webinar content:

  • Analysis of the 2020 PVEL PQP participants’ results in extended reliability and performance tests and rankings of Top Performers
  • Overview of the failures observed in PVEL’s PQP across different PV module and cell designs
  • Introduction to best practices for leveraging independent test data to assess PV module suppliers objectively and mitigate procurement risk
  • Insights into how IEs use independent test data for solar project due diligence

Webinar timings – local time zones  

Session 1:

  • San Francisco (UTC -7): May 27 at 23:00
  • New York (UTC -4): May 28 at 02:00
  • London (UTC +1): May 28 at 07:00
  • Munich (UTC +2): May 28 at 08:00
  • Singapore (UTC+8): May 28 at 14:00

Session 2 :

  • San Francisco (UTC -7): May 28 at 09:00
  • New York (UTC -4): May 28 at 12:00
  • London (UTC +1): May 28 at 17:00
  • Munich (UTC +2): May 28 at 18:00
  • Singapore (UTC+8): May 28 at 00:00

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Dana Olson Global Solar Segment Leader @ DNV GL

    Dr. Dana Olson is Global Solar Segment Leader at DNV GL and has many years of experience at the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Dr. Olson has a deep understanding of the evolution, performance and reliability of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology.

  • Guest speaker
    Tristan Erion-Lorico Head of PV module business @ PVEL

    Tristan Erion-Lorico is head of PV module business for PVEL. He collaborates with PV project developers, investors, research institutes and manufacturers to develop innovative performance and reliability test programs that produce independent data to support the downstream solar market.

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