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Understanding 190 GW supply in 2021: Which PV technologies & companies will emerge as market leaders?

About this event

The PV industry grew in 2020 much faster than anyone expected, with well over 140 GW of wafers, cells and modules produced and shipped. This year, it looks like the same is going to happen again, with supply shortages upstream again setting the stage for module supply, pricing and costs.

Everything is pointing now at the PV industry shipping 190 GW of modules in 2021, but which technologies and producers are going to dominate this? Already this year, some module suppliers are struggling with technology choices made a few years back.

This webinar will feature a 40-minute presentation from Dr. Finlay Colville, PV-Tech's Head of Research, on what is really happening in the PV industry today and what can be expected over the course of 2021

Register to attend the webinar how, and learn more about:

  • How the PV industry will move from 140-GW-plus in 2020 to about 190 GW in 2021?
  • Which technologies will dominate supply channels?
  • Why polysilicon supply/pricing to wafer producers is still dominating module costs and ASPs globally
  • Which PV module suppliers are making money, which are losing out, and which ones are clearly overvalued today
  • Risks to supply and profitability during the year

Attendance is limited and on a first-come/first-served basis, so be sure to register now to hear Finlay in this invaluable and unparalleled industry tutorial, setting the scene for the PV industry during 2021.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    John Browne Sales Director, Market Research @ PV Tech

  • Guest speaker
    Finlay Colville Head of Research @ PV-Tech

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