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What it takes to scale grid battery manufacturing, from lab to gigafactory

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Energy markets are working towards a zero-carbon future, and battery energy storage systems (BESS) have emerged as a pivotal technology that can be used across the energy landscape. This drives innovation and investment, with nearly 90% of all new battery patent activity focused on electricity storage.

But how do you turn new battery ideas into tomorrow’s gigafactory? The evolution of an idea in the lab to a viable product to high-volume manufacturing can be challenging and take years. Whether you are a start-up or an established company, bringing a new BESS to market and scaling production is a journey, and companies need to achieve key milestones along the way.

ATS Industrial Automation has delivered over 110 EV battery assembly and test lines and is leveraging this experience to help companies design and scale grid battery manufacturing. In this webinar, we explore the lifecycle of a BESS company from ideation to gigafactory. We will examine the six stages, from idea and design viability to creating samples, developing a pilot line, demonstrating manufacturability, and full production.

We will discuss the challenges at each stage, equipment investments, product stability requirements, and investor and customer expectations. Hear how companies have navigated each stage and successfully transitioned to gigafactory.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • When to engage with consulting and automated solution partners.
  • The importance of battery testing and validation in hitting key milestones.
  • Why design for manufacturing should be considered early in the lifecycle of a company.
  • Transitioning from a manual manufacturing process to a highly automated process.
  • How to leverage data and digitization in scaling manufacturing.


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  • Guest speaker
    Robert Faulhammer VP of Sales, Energy & Consumer @ ATS Industrial Automation

    Rob Faulhammer is an expert in automation technologies with 20+ years of experience helping energy and battery companies automate and scale production. Rob works with customers to accelerate design for manufacturing and build efficient automated production lines.

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    Andy Colthorpe Editor @ Solar Media /

    Editor and lead journalist for, covering the global industry for a business audience.

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