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When energy storage meets electric vehicles: Smart solutions for critical infrastructure challenges

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In the fast lane towards net-zero: Building sustainable energy infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of a clean transport future.

Demonstrating a vision for integrated energy and infrastructure planning, in one of the first projects to combine electric vehicles (EVs) with energy storage at large scale, Wärtsilä Energy and Pivot Power are deploying 100 megawatts (MW) of energy storage in the UK.

Pivot Power, an EDF Renewables company, is developing a world-first, national network of grid-scale batteries for rapid EV charging. The two 50 MW lithium-ion battery systems will be the first projects completed as part of Pivot Power’s programme of grid-scale energy storage and high-volume power connections.

By coupling large-scale energy storage with forecasted load demand, the project will enable a smoother transition to decarbonise both the energy and transport sectors and avoid the need to build out new fossil-fuel based infrastructure.

The projects will provide balancing services for the UK grid, including frequency response, electricity market trading and reactive power services. Plus, both sites will address two critical infrastructure challenges:

  • Bringing valuable flexibility to the electricity network to support an energy system that is clean, affordable and secure, with a pipeline of up to 2 GW of energy storage projects under development across 40 sites
  • How to develop mass-scale, rapid charging infrastructure to accelerate the uptake of EVs in the UK

As the global energy market moves towards more flexible and sustainable energy systems, energy storage will provide the needed flexibility and reliability to support renewables and a higher share of their integration onto the electrical grid.

The systems are based on Wärtsilä’s advanced energy management software platform GEMS, which leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable the intelligent management of large-scale energy storage systems for multi-application solutions. GEMS will optimise various assets and future-proof resources under a single portfolio—storage, EV infrastructure, grid fluctuations.

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How energy storage is accelerating the UK’s energy transition:

  1. Providing crucial capacity for rapid electric vehicle charging
  2. Enabling integration, optimisation and future-proofing the operational performance of multiple energy system assets under a single portfolio




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  • Team member
    Andy Colthorpe Editor @ Solar Media /

    Editor and lead journalist for, covering the global industry for a business audience.

  • Guest speaker
    Luke Witmer General Manager, Data Science @ Wärtsilä Energy Storage and Optimisation

    In his current role, Luke manages the R&D of automated hybrid power plant dispatch systems for island grids and autobidding systems for merchant electricity markets, plus leads energy and power system simulation efforts.

  • Guest speaker
    Matt Allen CEO @ Pivot Power

    Matt has been involved in various parts of the energy value chain from market research and consulting at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, to electricity supply at Good Energy and Tempus Energy and renewables development at Livos Energy.

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