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May Webinar ‘The Commercial Benefits of Onsite Solar’

About this event

Join us on Tuesday, 24 May at 10:15 am for our webinar on commercial opportunities for solar, aimed at corporate buyers of FTSE 350 companies and top UK businesses. The session is an excellent occasion to bring together buyers and sellers of clean energy to explore procurement and purchase agreement opportunities.

The webinar will expand on our recently launched Corporate Buyers Guide which provides an introduction for corporate energy buyers interested in onsite solar photovoltaic (PV) power and solar heat generation. Now more than ever is the time for businesses to transition to renewables and include solar in their energy mix to hedge against rising gas prices and the threat of climate change.


10:15 Welcome: Chris Hewett, Chief Executive Solar Energy UK

10:20 Presentation: Corporate Buyers Guide: Kevin McCann, Policy Manager, Solar Energy UK

10:30 Q&A and Panel discussion

·       Clare Bottle, CEO, Warehousing Association

·       Patrick Bailey, Major Transactions Manager, Network Rail

·       Pat Durai Group Head of Procurement, Sky

11:00 Project Financing: Presentation and Q&A

·       Gurpreet Gujral, Atrato Group

·       Gustaf Schuler, Atrato Group

11:15 Closing remarks, Chris Hewett

11:20 -END-

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    Solar Energy UK

  • Guest speaker
    CB G
    Clare Bottle Chief Executive @ UK Warehousing Association

  • Guest speaker
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    Patrick Bailey Patrick Bailey @ Network Rail

  • Guest speaker
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    Pat Durai Group Head of Procurement @ Sky

  • Guest speaker
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    Gustaf Schuler Atrato

  • Team member
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    Chris Hewett

  • Guest speaker
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    Gurpeet Gujral Atrato

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