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Soldo | Care Talk Webinar- Episode 1: How to use tech to slash admin

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Moving forward, fast: How Social Care finance teams can use tech to slash admin

The social care sector is buried under piles of paperwork and the weight of tedious admin. Especially when it comes to managing expenses and spending. This leaves less time and headspace for the things you’d rather focus on such as caring for service users, keeping your staff happy and lowering costs. So, what can you do about it? Chances are the admin systems you’re using day-to-day are long overdue for an upgrade. That’s a stumbling block – but it’s also an opportunity.

Implementing a few well-chosen digital tools will make a big difference.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • How manual paper-based systems impact productivity and social care quality.
  • Digital tools that eliminate expense management admin and foster collaboration between carers and finance teams.
  • Real-world success stories and how to overcome common worries about embracing digital change.


Professor Martin Green, CEO, Care England

Adam Hutchison- Vice Chair, KICA and Founder/CEO Belmont Healthcare

Brendan Ryan- National Specialism Director, Hays

Hosted by: Fran Badenhorst, Editor, Soldo

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