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Deploy Istio for Production Workshop with Certification Option (NZST/ACST)

About this event

Part 1 of the Istio Day 2 Operations Series

Istio is the most popular service mesh deployed into production across the cloud-native ecosystem, and for good reason. It’s feature rich, open-source, and most importantly, battle proven.

The workshop series for those looking to learn more about how Istio works and how to operationalize it for their organization. We cover things like the basics of routing, observability, and security, and then expand into leveraging Istio for a devops/gitops CI/CD flow, zero-downtime upgrades of Istio control plane, plugging in with existing PKI, and running Istio on VMs and across multiple clusters.

The Deploy Istio for Production Workshop is a hands-on, instructor led workshop focused on what it takes to deploy Istio into production. You will have access to your own linux virtual machine with a Kubernetes cluster and Istio to complete the exercises. This is not an entry level workshop to learn about Istio. This workshop includes a certification option. This credential, by Solo.io, certifies that recipients possess the essential skills to deploy Istio, configure it, debug it, secure it and operationalize it for their organization.

In this workshop, we dive into Istio foundations with a focus on understanding how it all works and how to roll it out to your organization. Istio is a powerful tool, but learning how to deploy it, configure it, debug it, and secure it has many challenges. Some of the topics that we will cover in this workshop include:

  • Understanding Istio's data plane and implementing an ingress gateway (Envoy Proxy)
  • Installing Istio with day-2 in mind
  • Iteratively introducing Istio in your organization
  • How to connect observability systems (Prometheus and Grafana)
  • Adding Kubernetes services while avoiding common mistakes
  • Implementing service-to-service encryption with mTLS
  • Debugging networking configurations and other Istio configuration settings when things go wrong

Join us on this exciting journey as we learn and adopt Istio.

The Solo.io Team

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    Kasun Talwatta Field Engineer @ Solo.io

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    Adam Sayah Field engineer @ solo.io

    Adam Sayah is Field Engineer at Solo.io, a company specializing in open source and enterprise software for application networking from the edge to service mesh. At Solo.io, Adam helps organizations build and operate robust cloud-native architecture

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    Eric Murphy Field Engineer @ Solo.io


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