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Developer Portal for gRPC and REST APIs using Gloo Edge Workshop (CET time zone event)

About this event

In this hands-on, instructor led workshop you will learn how to empower developers, customers and partners by securely publishing APIs in your own Kubernetes-native Developer Portal. We will explore how to catalog, document, expose, securely publish gRPC and REST APIs for developers inside and outside your organization using Gloo Portal and either Gloo Edge or the Istio Ingress Gateway.

We will use Solo.io Gloo Portal to provide a framework for managing the definitions of APIs, API client identity, and API policies on top of Istio and Gloo Edge during this workshop. Powered by the OpenAPI specifications, Gloo Portal provides policy, traffic control, and a web UI for consuming APIs provided by services deployed in and outside of Kubernetes. Gloo Portal is driven using declarative YAML configuration (Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions), as well as by the service discovery and routing capabilities of Gloo Edge or the Istio Ingress Gateway making it the first Kubernetes-native Developer Portal of its kind. 

Participants in the workshop will upload API Documents (OpenAPI schemas) that reflect the APIs served by microservices running inside (or outside) Kubernetes. Once complete, users can do any of the following:

  • Bundle individual API operations into API Products.
  • Publish API Products to a customizable Portal Web UI.
  • Combine gRPC APIs in the same developer portal as your REST APIs
  • Expose API Products to Ingress traffic with Istio or Gloo Edge.
  • Secure APIs with OAuth2.0
  • Set Authorization and Rate-Limiting policies on exposed API Products.
  • Publish APIs publicly

In this workshop, each participant will have a dedicated environment he will be able to use to go through several hands-on labs to:

  • Deploy several versions of a demo application
  • Configure API documents, API products, Environments and Portals to expose them
  • Customize the look and feel of the Portal
  • Secure the Portal

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will understand how to:

  • Publish and secure your APIs
  • Build branded API portal
  • Secure APIs against malicious attacks by defining API usage plans
  • Manage the lifecycle of your APIs with versioning


Interested in another date and time or a dedicated workshop for your team? Contact us to request a workshop.

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    Baptiste Collard Field Engineer @ Solo.io

    Baptiste Collard is a Field Engineer at Solo.io. Baptiste has worked for many companies as a middleware expert and also as an IT Architect. He likes plumbing pieces of software together and even more when it comes to Kubernetes.


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