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Service Mesh in Action with Gloo Mesh (PDT/EDT Time zone event)

About this event

Configure and Operate Gloo Mesh, an Istio Service Mesh

Service Mesh has emerged to solve the service-to-service communication challenges of microservices and presents new opportunities for network traffic control, security, and observability.

Understanding the deployment patterns and managing them in a consistent and secure manner for one cluster, let alone across multiple clusters is tedious or error prone at best, and raises new questions like:

  • How should I deploy and manage multiple clusters of service mesh?
  • What if my service meshes span across on-prem and cloud?
  • What traffic control or security policies do I need to consider across multiple clusters?

In this hands-on workshop we will explore different service mesh deployment patterns, multi-cluster topologies, and how Gloo Mesh can address the configuration and operations needs for these environments.

Join us on this exciting journey as we learn and adopt Istio. Space is limited so register to reserve your seat today.

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    Lawrence Gadban

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    Ram Vennam Field Engineer

    Istio and Gloo Mesh Field Engineer


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