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Kubernetes Native API Gateway with Gloo Edge Workshop (CEST time zone event)

About this event

Secure and Manage Application Networking at the Edge

API Gateways provide functionality like rate limiting, authentication, request routing, reporting, and more. Specifically at the edge, API Gateways solve application-level concerns like aggregation, transformation, deeper context or content-based routing, and support self-service GitOps workflows.

This workshop includes a combination of presentation, demos, and hands-on tutorials on the following concepts using Gloo Edge:

  • Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes service routing
  • Security at the edge with WAF, Auth, Encryption, and more
  • Configuring traffic policies like rate limiting
  • Developer Portal to catalog and expose APIs externally
  • Federation for multi-cluster management
  • System observability and tuning


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    Baptiste Collard Field Engineer @ Solo.io

    Baptiste Collard is a Field Engineer at Solo.io. Baptiste has worked for many companies as a middleware expert and also as an IT Architect. He likes plumbing pieces of software together and even more when it comes to Kubernetes.


API Infrastructure from the Edge to Service Mesh

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