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Multi Tenant Istio Service Mesh with Gloo Mesh Workshop (CET time zone event)

About this event

Service mesh has emerged to solve the service-to-service communication challenges of microservices while presenting new opportunities for network traffic control, security, and observability.

Istio, the most popular service mesh technology, can also be used to secure cross cluster communication, but managing multiple Istio clusters can quickly become tedious, and raises new questions such as:

  • How should I deploy and manage the lifecycle of multiple Istio clusters?
  • Can my service meshes span across on-prem and cloud?
  • How can I allow multiple teams to share the same service meshes?
  • How can I set up global observability?

In this hands-on workshop, we will explore many Istio concepts (multi-cluster topologies, identity federation, authorization, and more) and demonstrate how Gloo Mesh can simplify the management of a complex heterogeneous service mesh with a particular focus on multi-tenancy.

Duration: The workshop is approximately 2 hours and includes hands-on labs.


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