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Back to the Future: SOAP and XSLT for Envoy Proxy (PDT/EDT time zone event)

About this event

No, you don’t need a time machine to encounter SOAP, an XML messaging protocol from the turn of the century. SOAP remains prevalent today for enterprise web services across a number of industries, including financial services and healthcare. Unfortunately, SOAP, and associated legacy middleware applications, hold back large scale modernization efforts because there isn’t a clear migration path. Until now, organizations had to rely on old API gateway technologies that were created before clouds became popular to get SOAP support. We have added XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) 3.0 support to Gloo Edge 1.8 (building on Envoy Proxy), and it can be used to modernize SOAP/XML clients and endpoints without fully eliminating SOAP from your web service portfolio. Should it take years to fully decommission your SOAP web services, you can retain backward compatibility while adopting modern protocols and run them in parallel, all on Kubernetes.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How Gloo Edge 1.8 offers a clear migration path to incrementally modernize
  • How to replace SOAP web services over time using XSLT
  • How to adopt newer APIs such as REST and gRPC

*Duration is approximately 1 hour


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