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A Tale of Two Proxies: Building a Scalable Platform Architecture for GraphQL

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GraphQL is redefining the way that developers interact with APIs, putting application clients in control of the data they consume and placing new requirements on the platforms hosting these APIs. Platform requirements around availability, scale, performance, security, and lifecycle management are familiar to platform and cloud engineering teams already, yet GraphQL presents some unique opportunities and challenges across this entire spectrum. What’s more, GraphQL tends to have a bimodal adoption curve where initial architectures for monolithic GraphQL APIs look very different from more evolved GraphQL architectures for microservices applications and federated data graphs. Planning for these considerations up front and building on the right foundational architecture are key success factors to incorporating GraphQL into your platform.

In this webinar, we will highlight the key platform considerations for adopting GraphQL and show how Solo.io’s unique approach to adding full GraphQL support to Envoy Proxy enables platform and app development teams to address these considerations. Specific attention will be given to the role that a proxy plays in both north/south and east/west traffic patterns to scale from initial monolithic APIs to federated, multi-tenant, multi-cluster GraphQL APIs. Whether you are taking your first steps with GraphQL or looking to take your existing GraphQL architecture to the next level, this webinar has got you covered.

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    Keith Babo Product Manager @ Solo.io

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    Jim Barton Field Engineer @ Solo.io

    Jim Barton is a Field Engineer for solo.io. His 30-year career includes a variety of appdev and leadership roles. Over the past decade he has architected, built and operated systems based on enterprise open-source technologies at Red Hat, Amazon, and Zappos.

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    Adam Sayah Field engineer @ solo.io

    Adam Sayah is Field Engineer at Solo.io, a company specializing in open source and enterprise software for application networking from the edge to service mesh. At Solo.io, Adam helps organizations build and operate robust cloud-native architecture


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