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Webinar: Enhance your API Security with Gloo Edge and Wib

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Take part in our API Security dedicated webinar!

Companies are modernizing their applications and are exposing more and more APIs. The application teams deploy the corresponding services on Kubernetes and need to secure their access. So, they need to implement authentication and authorization workloads, but also rate limiting and web application firewall rules.

A modern Kubernetes-native API gateway like Gloo Edge can be used by these teams to implement all the security mechanisms declaratively. But they still need to inspect API calls to understand if some users are trying to hack their API. That’s exactly what Wib does. Combined with Gloo Edge, it provides a holistic and integrative solution that utilizes state-of-the-art proprietary AI and ML to analyze millions of requests in real-time, learn your APIs inside and out, providing full visibility, and actionable insights so you can easily identify, prioritize, and eliminate vulnerabilities and keep your user's data safe.

Wib is the first and only full lifecycle API Security platform, with a suite of products covering a full 360° comprehensive protection for the entire lifecycle of APIs - development, testing, and production. Wib’s suite of products works in synergy, ensuring continuous improvement and efficiency model for API security. Working together alongside Gloo Edge, this provides you with enhanced API security across your applications.

In this webinar, we will talk all about API security, its importance, the risks your APIs impose, and how you can be instantly API-secure using Gloo Edge and Wib.

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  • Guest speaker
    Charles Herrin CTO @ Wib

    Chuck Herrin is Wib's CTO, bringing with him over 18 years as the CISO of multiple global financial services firms with operations in over 100 countries. Mr. Herrin has broad and deep experience partnering with business leaders, board members, and other stakeholders to achieve their goals, enhance risk management discipline, improve transparency, and deliver transformational change.

  • Team member
    Denis Jannot Director of field engineering - EMEA @

    Denis is the Director of Field Engineering at, a company building application networking solutions for the edge and service mesh. Denis is a passionate engineer who has spent his career in technical roles working directly with customers and users to help them adopting emerging technologies.

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