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What’s New in Gloo Edge 1.8 and Gloo Portal 1.0 Webinar

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Gloo Edge 1.8 and Gloo Portal 1.0 offer a number of new modern, cloud-native enhancements that will help enterprises facilitate and secure application traffic at the edge.

The release of our Gloo Edge 1.8 (our popular Envoy Proxy-based API gateway) includes SOAP/XLST transforms, Helm usability improvements, improved Flagger for CI/CD, schema for CRDs, access log redaction, interactive feature change-logs, and over 40 new customer and community enhancements.

The release of Gloo Portal 1.0 (now GA) includes new major features to drive your adoption of cloud-native APIs including detailed tracking of API usage (for visibility, show-back, or even charge-back), improved self-service usability, and full integration with Gloo Edge.


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API Infrastructure from the Edge to Service Mesh

Solo.io, the modern service connectivity company, delivers API infrastructure from the edge to service mesh, helping enterprises adopt, secure, and operate innovative cloud native technologies