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The Dark Web in 2023

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The Dark Web in 2023

The idea of the dark web is as old as the internet itself although the current terminology did not pick up its general meaning until the early 2000s. As the global need for digital interconnectivity has grown and expanded, so too has the need to communicate and share data privately. The expansion of the “clear web” has therefore been accompanied by a growth in “dark web” services and protocols. But what is the dark web, and where has it come from?

In this webinar we will be looking at the Dark Web, it's history, the technologies involved and statistics in 2023.


Join us on Thursday 28th September 4pm BST

Who is this for?

  • Anyone in a business or organisation who has responsibility for online security.
  • CTOs or senior managers who wants to understand the dark web, what it means for them and the technologies involved
  • Anyone interested in the dark web!

You will learn:

  • What the dark web actually is
  • About Tor, The Onion Router
  • Dark Web Statistics
  • The most commonly Used dark web languages
  • Dark web server technology
  • Ransomware and the dark web
  • The SOS Intelligence Dark Map

Hosted by Jon Moss and Daniel Collyer, Threat Intelligence Anlayst, we will provide a fast-paced and interesting 30 minute session.

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    Daniel Collyer Threat Intelligence Analyst @ SOS Intelligence

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    Jon Moss Marketing @ SOS Intelligence

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