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Back to Basics: How to succeed with B2B marketing in 2024

About this event

Marketing success is more complicated than ever.

Demands from customers are higher than ever, they expect more from suppliers and have less patience for bad an irrelevant messaging.

To accommodate that, we're throwing this webinar about how to get back to basics to succeed with digital marketing in 2024.

We brought in highly qualified people to talk about this subject. Jennifer Montague - VP of Growth @ Onomondo - and Andreas Obel - Director of Marketing @ Neurons - are joining Frederik to explore the following topics:

  • ICPs
  • Value propositions
  • Positioning of companies and products
  • How to turn strategy into action

Join us for a highly anticipated session - it's going to be a blast!

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  • Guest speaker
    Andreas Obel Director of Marketing @ Neurons Inc

    35-year-old revenue-driven growth leader from Copenhagen Denmark. Passionate about all things strategy, growth & leadership. Slightly addicted to pancakes and delivering incredible results. I bring 14+ years of experience in leadership, strategy, marketing & growth. I also have a proven track record of staggering results in both B2B & B2C companies. A firm believer, in focusing on people's strengths & passions for better results, and work engagement.

  • Team member
    Frederik Saabye Partner & Growth Lead @ SparkForce

    I help B2B SaaS companies run demand generation programs that grow their revenue. I am a Partner at SparkForce, where I function as a Growth Lead. I work with the best marketers in the business to execute channel-agnostic growth strategies to help them report and understand their revenue engine.

  • Guest speaker
    Jennifer Montague VP of Growth @ Onomondo

    Jennifer Montague is VP of Growth at Onomondo and Nordic Women in Tech's Digital Leader of 2023. She's a marketing thought leader, published author, advisory board member, mentor, co-host of the Marketing Corner podcast, and mom.


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