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Beyond Boring: Transforming Your B2B Videos into Engagement Magnets

About this event

Are you looking to learn how to drive engagement through video on platforms such as LinkedIn and TikTok?

In this webinar, we will cover how to utilize video in your marketing strategy, and you will learn the biggest differences between B2B and B2C.

We’ll show you exciting example use cases and best practices tailored specifically for the B2B landscape.

Learn from top experts in the industry and discover why B2B video content doesn't have to be dull!

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  • Guest speaker
    Samson Blay Steiner Co-founder @ Højkant

    Samson has had a camera since he was 9 and has been using social media since he was 10. He dropped out of high school to start his own marketing business, but in recent years, he has narrowed his focus to vertical video. Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Vine, YouTube; Samson has built large audiences on all of them, but today his focus is on vertical placements on these platforms. With his creative camera skills and in-depth knowledge of social media, he has now ventured into TikTok. He has already kickstarted several profiles from scratch and has racked up millions of views along the way.

  • Team member
    Søren Jensen Videographer @ SparkForce

    Highly skilled videographer with a background in SaaS and content marketing. Known for the attention to detail and ability to make anyone feel comfortable on camera. Søren has worked with clients ranging from small local shop owners, over tech start-ups to covering the Tour de France for Carlsberg.

  • Team member
    Casper Rouchmann Founder & CEO @ SparkForce

    Casper is the founder of SparkForce, a B2B marketing agency that focuses on proper marketing strategies. He has driven the company's growth from a one-man operation to a thriving team. With experience from United Fintech, Trustpilot, and Templafy.

  • Guest speaker
    Steven Feraru Co-founder @ Højkant

    Steven is a classically trained communicator from the Danish School of Media and Journalism. He graduated from high school in Ringkøbing and received his upbringing in Thyholm. Steven is the advisory pillar in Højkant. Content topics, captivating hooks, and strategy are his turf. Fun fact: Steven can speak English with all of Denmark's dialects and, moreover, speaks 8 languages when he's drunk.


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