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Is Your Warehouse 100% Safe? The Ultimate Guide to Racking Safety Audits

About this event

Safety Webinar ‘Is Your Warehouse 100% Safe? The Ultimate Guide to Racking Safety Audits’ will take place - at 2 pm on 18th May 2022.

Has auditing become a lengthy, over-complicated process?

Graeme Waller, (Training Manager at Rack Group,) and Kirsty Rogers, (Managing Director at Specialist Industrials Ltd,) will discuss how to organise, plan and successfully execute your warehouse safety audit - making audits faster and easier.

This Webinar supplies all the need-to-know basics in just a 30-minute live conference, complete with a live Q&A so you can speak directly to the experts about your specific issues.

Here's what you'll get from the webinar:

• Clarity on the what you’re legally required to do

• Knowledge of the importance of regular audits

• Advice on ways to keep your warehouse safe

• Introduction to Sitenotes

• SEMA traffic light guidelines

• Example inspection reports

• A FREE downloadable guide!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    KR T
    Kirsty Rogers Managing Director @ Safe Industrial

  • Team member
    GW T
    Graeme Waller Training manager @ The Rack Group Ltd

    Graeme is a dedicated health & safety training professional whose objective is to develop and deliver high-quality training to enhance site safety for end-users of storage systems.

Specialist Industrials

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