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Spectrum Dynamics Satellite Symposium Innovations That Transform SPECT Imaging

About this event

Innovations That Transform SPECT Imaging

CZT-based detector technology with unique scanner designs: clinical transformation of workflow; image quality and quantitation


Cardiology Imaging

  • The significance of Emission Based Attenuation Correction in Myocardial Perfusion Imaging: an AI Application for routine implementation: TruCorr
  • CZT SPECT Myocardial Blood flow role and relevance: clinical experience

SPECT/CT Imaging

  • Localization and characterization: Role of the VERITON-CT SPECT/CT camera in the diagnosis of parathyroid adenomas
  • Beyond Total-Body NM/CT Imaging: In vivo imaging with dynamic 3600CZT SPECT/CT; SUV quantitation impact in SPECT


James Case, PhD, MASNC

Cardiovascular Imaging Technologies

Kansas City, MO


Miguel Ochoa Figueroa, MD, PhD

Nuclear Medicine in Dpt. of Clinical Physiology

Dpt. Of Radiology

Linköping University Hospital


Prof. Wanda Acampa, MD

Department of Advanced Biomedical Science

University Federico II of Naples


Pr. Pierre-Yves Marie; MD, PhD

Head, Department of Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Laetitia Imbert, PhD

Medical Physicist

Department of Nuclear Medicine

University Hospital of Nancy, France

Spectrum Dynamics Medical

Changing the Shape of Nuclear Medicine

Spectrum Dynamics Medical is spearheading the transformation of SPECT imaging from analog to digital detection technology, enabling hospitals and clinicians to provide superior healthcare services with improved image quality and efficiency at significant lower dose to the patient.