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ESG management software: Maximise efficiency and business success through automation

About this event

Given the growing importance of ESG factors in business success, ESG management and reporting software plays a crucial role in today's corporate landscape. Automated solutions offer clear advantages in terms of efficiency, accuracy and transparency. ESG software can streamline data collection, analysis, and reporting, saving time, costs and resources, while reducing errors. In contrast, manual approaches are labour-intensive and prone to errors, and can quickly become outdated.

Join us for our 30-minute webinar where Speeki’s Senior Advisor Andrew Henderson will talk in detail about everything you need to know about ESG management and reporting software, covering such topics as:

  • the top reasons to invest in ESG management and reporting software – discover how ESG software can drive cost reduction, risk mitigation and transparency improvements
  • ESG management software must-haves – explore the features that define a great ESG management software and enable efficient data handling and reporting
  • selecting your ESG software provider – evaluate factors critical for choosing the right ESG management software provider, ensuring alignment with your organisation's specific needs and objectives.

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    Andrew Henderson Senior Advisor @ Speeki Inc


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