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ESG reporting assurance: Build trust, enhance credibility and maximise business value

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It’s a fact: 20% of companies already get their ESG reporting assured.

Amidst the evolving corporate reporting landscape, long dominated by financial audits under standards like IFRS and GAAP, attention has now turned to non-financial reporting, such as the ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards), and its associated assurance demands.

As companies accustomed to only preparing and publishing ESG reports are increasingly mandated to seek independent assurance, the question arises: In this age of heightene transparency requirements, can any company truly afford to overlook the assurance of its ESG disclosures?

Join us for a 30-minute webinar where Speeki’s CEO and Founder Scott Lane will talk in detail about ESG reporting assurance, covering such aspects as:

  • ESG reporting assurance basics – understand the fundamentals of ESG reporting assurance for accurate and reliable disclosures
  • the importance of ESG reporting assurance – explore why ESG assurance is increasingly crucial, fostering trust and meeting regulatory demands
  • choosing the right assurance provider – learn how to find a suitable assurance provider, considering industry standards, credibility and expertise
  • ESG assurance benefits – discover the business value that ESG reporting assurance will add to your organisation.

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